Our Library

Part of our mission as a theatre company is to create community around literacy. Hire us to bring a one act (or two) from our library to your event or institution. All of the below selections are available for check out.

Olatsa Assassin as Blanche and Hisam Goueli as Stanley in  The Tennessee Tease . Photograph by Meneldor Photography.

Olatsa Assassin as Blanche and Hisam Goueli as Stanley in The Tennessee Tease. Photograph by Meneldor Photography.

The Tennessee Tease

The Tennessee Tease brings together Williams’ plays, memoirs, and original burlesque to explore the life and works of this gay American icon. As Tennessee Williams crafts his memoirs, a cast of talented actors and burlesque artists bring to life Williams’ iconic characters alongside his family members, dearest friends, and lovers. Fact and fiction collide as Tenn imagines his life in letters, illuminated through the art of the tease. 

One Act: 65 m. 6 person cast.
Two Act: 120 m. 12 person cast.


A Metamodern Prometheus

The summer of 1816 was wet and ungenial, as Mary Shelley describes it. But that summer on Lake Geneva spent telling ghost stories with her Romantic coterie birthed Frankenstein, a monstrous creation that has taken on a life of its own. A Metamodern Prometheus is adapted from Shelley’s introduction to the 1832 edition of Frankenstein and imagines the events that lead to the creation of this classic of horror.

One Act: 70 m. 6 person cast.

Adventure - Social Square.jpg


The Baron Munchausen is known for embellishment, but there’s always a kernel of truth at the heart of every tall tale. Adapted from the 1785 novel by Rudolph Erich Raspe, Adventure! Marvelous Tales of the Baron Munchausen is a wildly funny ride through the Baron’s encounters with giant eagles, gods and goddesses, monstrous fish, and more unbelievable things, told with gusto by members of our performing company.

One Act: 80 m. 7 person cast.