“How a ‘Literate and Literary Stripper’ is adapting classic fiction for the burlesque stage”

“…burlesque, which is ‘a vocabulary of revealing things,’ is ‘a great pairing with literature.’ Just as literary critics and authors who adapt books to other arts have to unravel the deeper meaning of a text, Noveltease’s dancers are metaphorically revealing a truth in these stories by revealing more of themselves onstage.”

Paul Constant, Seattle Review of Books
March 20, 2019

Literary Classics and sex Positivity Collide in Noveltease Theatre

“Paying homage to history, Noveltease Theatre, a new Seattle burlesque company is taking part in creating lusty literary art. With Sailor St. Claire and Fosse Jack at the helm, this creative duo’s aim is to excite audiences by introducing them to classic literature through the constant transforming art of burlesque.”

Sarah E. Miller, Lonely Arts Club
April 4, 2019 



New burlesque company Noveltease brings the classics to life and to the stage — starting with Baron Munchausen

“When people are reading, they’re kind of envisioning themselves as the protagonist, in a lot of cases,” the burlesque producer and choreographer Fosse Jack tells me. “They’re putting themselves in the protagonist’s shoes in order to really experience the adventure, and that’s what we’re doing with the Baron (Munchausen). There’s this idea that people read adventure stories because they want to go on that adventure with this person.”

Chris Burlingame, Journal of Precipitation
April 11, 2019


A Streetcar Named Striptease rides through The Tennessee Tease

“Tennessee Tease is aiming for something more ambitious than your typical burlesque revue. And there’s no denying that the tensions and passions threaded throughout Williams’ writing and private life will provide ample fodder.”

Tony Kay, The Sunbreak
August 13, 2015

This is the perfect sexy event for pretending to understand books while being satiated with stripping to fancy dialogue.
— Purrty Much, Burlesque Performer